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Flou presents “BAIA”

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Design Week 2023, letto matrimoniale "Baia" - Galbiati Arreda

Flou presents “BAIA”

BAIA – Design Emanuela Garbin

In our new Flou corner, totally renovated on the occasion of the 2023 Design Week, we are pleased to present the latest news from the brand: the star of the set-up and the new “Baia” bed.

“Baia” presents a stylistic essentiality whose details show a great tailoring skill, which has always been the strength of all the Flou collection textile beds.

Baia is an apparently simple double bed, but with a studied and sophisticated design.

“Baia” means bay, a place for pausing and resting. Where even the sea seems to slow its endless movement. Small or large arches drawing a coastline where you can stop and feel welcomed by an embrace that is almost a smile. But then you find yourself there by chance, out of context; a movement of bewilderment… and immediately the idea of Baia comes to you: a light and yet present bed with beautiful seams that emphasize the shape. Soft and basic, measured in its proportions and generous in its details.

Design Week 2023, Galbiati Arreda. Letto "Baia".

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