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Aroma from Pedini represents more than a simple kitchen, a collection extending to different spaces of the house with a unique and exclusive style. A collection of sceneries that becomes a story between lifestyles and personal visions of living space.

Aroma presents a sophisticated and eclectic space where the kitchen blends with surrounding environment, becoming part of the architecture itself. Refined materials emphasize the volumes and conceal large storage areas.

In addition, Aroma displays several accessories like the freestanding ones that enrich the composition, expanding the functional areas of the kitchen.

Regarding the management of space, Aroma presents a wide area with tall units, thanks to rational elements, allows the interior to be organized in a practical and easy way. A pure and monochromatic volume hides multifunctional areas within in, ensuring order and cleanliness within the space.

Discover Aroma and the entire Pedini collection in our showroom and in the Pedini Flagship Store