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Pianca is a brand oriented towards the customization of products and environments, so as to satisfy the needs of a lifestyle characterized by flexibility, mobility and change, while at the same time respecting its values ​​which are: territory, Italianness, family, ingenuity. Nowadays, environments become multifunctional and furnishings are modular and flexible, to accommodate smaller homes and different generations under the same roof.

For this reason “Anta TV” is a practical, space-saving and aesthetically appealing solution. The modules of this sliding door can be combined with the sliding wardrobe modules exclusively for the following models: Amalfi, Cornice, Icona, Manhattan, Nastro, Plana, Raggio, Tratto. The recessed compartment is designed to house the television which becomes an integral part of the door. A perfect idea for watching TV in bed. This system allows you to save space and have a decidedly cutting-edge solution.

Discover the promotion
Until February 29, 2024, with the purchase of a sliding wardrobe with TV door (minimum 3 doors), you will have the opportunity to receive a 40″ full HD SMART TV for only €100 (excluding VAT).

We are waiting for you in our showroom to discover all the details of the promotion and to design your new wardrobe together.

The finishes

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