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galbiati arreda autunno cozy season


If in summer we want to breathe fresh air, wait at a bar for the sunset and stay out until late at night, in autumn/winter the house is our destination for leisure.

Alone or in company we want to stay warm to read a book, watch a documentary, shop online for Christmas…. That is why it is right to create an intimate and cosy ambience, in perfect COZY style. It doesn’t matter if the house is big or small, it must instil a feeling of calm and familiarity in which we can always feel good, where we can relax and find shelter from stressful and cold everyday life. The palette follows soft colours and warm accents, soft lighting, natural materials, soft textures and functional furniture

In the showroom you will find many brands, icons of made-in-Italy design. Our experts will help you create your personal retreat to incorporate all the intimacy of the cozy style in the different areas of your home.

These are some of our best-loved brands from which you can start dreaming.

Timeless elegance with unique, quality furniture.

galbiati arreda autunno cozy season poliform

The soft shapes that immediately warm any room.

galbiati arreda autunno cozy season minotti

Where interpretations of contemporary needs and desires take shape in the design of home environments that become expressions of a new lifestyle.

galbiati arreda autunno cozy season pianca

Modern shapes and solutions for a customised kitchen environment, which also extends to the living area and embraces bathroom solutions.

galbiati arreda autunno cozy season pedini