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Presotto’s new catalog presents six different moods according to a person’s tastes and needs. In fact, every choice and every detail is aimed to provide personalized solutions that represent tastes and needs of functionality and beauty rigorously made in Italy.

Presotto shows tho different furnishing living systems: I-modulART and Pari & Dispari. The former expresses itself through light compositions of storage volumes, bases, wall units, boiserie and shelves that integrate harmoniously and adapt to the functions and areas of taste. The latter represents an evergreen system of library structure and shelves and now new Display modules that increases the storage and the functions of the wall system.

The first inspiration presented is the GLAMOUR one. The term evokes a charm related to fashion, to the feminine world and to all that attracts by refinement, style, elegance.

The second mood presented is ELEGANCE, a quality that brings us back to “dress,” a way of posing yourself or a way of being, and it is undeniable that everyone has his own sensitivity to recognize it, when we encounter it. In furnishing a space, in choosing moods and materials, there is a particular balance that speaks of nuances ranging from white to black where wood veneer intervenes to make the whole elegant.

The third color palette is called NATURAL, like the veins of a leaf, like the instinct that leads us to choose what is healthy and comfortable for us, as natural as the inspiration that guides the designer in combining fabrics, colors, stones and veneers so that the home is that place where it is natural to return.

Another inspiration is ENERGY: every thing, material, gesture or word communicate through energy, a vibration unites the five senses, the sixth being the pleasure that makes us implement choice.The combination of tactile surfaces, colors, stones and veneers, wish to inspire you to search for that specific material whose combinations will make your project exclusive. The colors and materials are vivid, vibrant and from their choice and combination only projects full of energy
will be realized.

The fifth palette presented is HARMONY, that sensation we find in the comfort of a cozy home, that feeling of stillness of when we observe the clouds after a storm, those dusty shades of blue that mingle with textures and patterns of tactile surfaces, harmony of a design rooted in the care and beauty of conscious choices.

Last but not least, Presotto offers another idea: ROMANTIC. Something that smells of rose, a woman’s velvety skin, her powdery, nuances that inspire to grace and beauty, in dressing walls and surfaces we can explore these delicate nuances with a creative spirit of romantic suggestions.

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