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A company like Flexform features catalog products recognized in the world of high-end furnishings as timeless classics. As such, it is necessary to stop and reflect on the commitment and determination with which the close-knit family governance, which has been guiding for over 50 years, has pursued a corporate policy more devoted to reformism than to the revolution. Flexform is not declined to excesses and set towards a certain path, but instead is reflective and lasting.

Flexform is an Italian industrial reality that rests on deep-rooted expertise in the production of sofas and furnishings of high-artisan value. With an innate vocation for the culture of design, a past and a present of excellent collaborations with the best designers and creators, and a commercial structure and international distribution, Flexform boasts efficient investments that have always been destined for communication, research and innovation.

Identity and success are based on a system of shared values which are the true heart of the company project. Made in Italy, timeless, elegance, comfort, quality, design consistency, contemporaneity and beauty are crucial company values.

This is the strategy that has led Flexform to be recognized worldwide as one of the great historic brands of quality Made in Italy furniture.

Some Flexform best sellers include:

MAGNUM: This sofa is presented with excellent resolution in proportions and attention to construction details. Designed to offer great comfort and promote a good night’s sleep.

DESCO: Solidity, reinterpreted tradition, and great functionality are the hallmarks of the table. The collection of tables is available in different shapes and sizes.

Discover the Flexform catalog here.